Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Travel The World? Why Now?

We've been asked the same few questions by friends, family, coworkers and even by the dude making lattes at our local Starbucks: Why travel the world? Why now? So here are the top ten reasons we ditched NYC, emptied our bank accounts, and denied our non-existent children a secure future...

10. Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge beats climbing the corporate ladder.

9. Exotic drinks are always better when enjoyed in exotic locations.

8. The best place to turn 30 is at sea, on a ship full of strangers where you can turn 29...again.

7. Because launching a pro-shuffleboard career is as easy as befriending some elderly cruisers.

6. We don't have a mortgage yet. Or those things called kids.

5. Because sailing the world is so much better than driving it.

4. We're on a goodwill tour of the world, trying to make up for President Bush's last 7 years in office.

3. Eating gelato on the Spanish Steps like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday is better than eating Tasti D-Lite on the subway steps, while people run over you.

2. Three little words: No phone service.

1. Everyday is an adventure.

**This Sunday, we set sail on the Queen Victoria!**

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