Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chic Resort Wear: An Oxymoron?

Perhaps it can be blamed on my husband's addiction to Seinfeld - that episode where George sells all of his father's moth infested "cruisewear" to a consignment shop. Or the fact that my grandmother and I used to watch The Golden Girls - in which a group of women rock Floridian fashion right down to its foundation: the quintessential polyester blend pant suit. As many people do, I believe everything I see on TV except of course - Fox News. Which is a true oxymoron. But up until recently I'll admit that I thought all resort wear was inherently ugly - involving (but not necessarily limited to) Hawaiian shirts, leisure suits and anything old men from the suburbs might wear with dark knee socks and mandals while browsing open air markets for tchokes in the Bahamas. Turns out, I was wrong. This isn't the first time, my husband would say.

So for those of you needing chic clothes for your winter getaways - don't despair. You won't end up like Rue McClanahan in a bunch of faux silk separates. There is hope. Surprisingly, there are a ton of stores that sell fabulous items perfect for vacationing, but also chic enought to wear once you arrive back home among people you actually know. (Traveling tip: always keep in mind the "Would I wear this back home?" question. Or one could end up like Monica from Friends.) A few of my fave shops? J. Crew, Banana Republic, Calypso and Lilly Pulitzer for dresses, skirts and accessories. Old Navy and Gap for online bargains in the basics department (shorts, t-shirts, etc.). And Bloomingdale's and Lord & Taylor have large collections of cute suits and beach cover-ups.

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ms. coots said...

I have to add that Lands' End offers a wonderful selection of bathing suits and cover-ups (link below) - - I wore the caftan nearly all last summer despite that it made me look like a nun. Also available at the softer side of Sears.

You and Drew can now just go right ahead with your fits of giggles and remember my long sleeves on VA Beach, but I will remind you it was spring. In addition, my internal body temperature is quite accommodating of the warmer temps so I don't have to stoop to the level of tank tops and shorts - - I find them quite informal, in fact.