Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Breaking News: Andy Samberg - Smarter, Funnier Than Me

People have been asking me about our 105-day world cruise itinerary on Cunard's Queen Victoria. I'm not that great at geography so I tend to mix up the chronological order of our stops which compels my husband to interrupt me with statements like "No, no that's the Panama Canal not the Suez." In my defense I'm no Kellie Pickler but for those of you who, like me, find it easier to visualize your journey when it's all tricked out on a map, I discovered this sweet tool from Google Maps the other day that actually allows you to create custom travel itineraries online. Who knew that Andy Samberg had it so right when he busted the rhyme "Google Maps is the best. True dat, double true" in Lazy Sunday?

We'll be docking in the Everglades first - home to an amazing amount of wildlife and I'm pumped to take the airboats out and explore the National Park. Afterwards we'll be sailing to Aruba to lay out on the white sand beaches, explore the island on 4WD vehicles and naturally, partake of some rum-based cocktails. Well, I'm off to bake my husband some Sprinkles cupcakes as it's his last official day of work today! 5 days and counting...

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