Monday, January 7, 2008

I Heart Lomo's Diana Camera

Just added to the suitcase - Lomo's legendary Diana camera.

Before you read any further, this camera isn't for techies. It's made of cheap-o plastic, lets light in and lacks all digital functioning. I know, I know - but in its defense the images it produces on film are lo-fi, color-saturated, moody masterpieces that instantly recall the cinematography of legendary director Wong Kar-wai in his most acclaimed film, In the Mood for Love .

The lowdown: The Diana is only $60, uses real film and creates the kind of photographs that you've only seen hanging in galleries up until now. Buy the ringflash for another $65 and experiment with color. Check out Lomo's Diana gallery for a taste of old-school goodness. Also, just in case you're wondering...six days until we kick off our global journey on January 13, 2008. I can hardly wait to start snapping pictures of the Everglades (our first stop) with my Diana.

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