Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oenophiles & Foodies Take Note

You might’ve noticed that my friend Brian is listed as a contributor on my blog. That’s because he’s been kind enough to hook a girl up on the techie side of things since he’s a bit of a Mensa-fied computer prodigy. I have to hand it to him, it does take a special je ne sais quoi to break into other peoples’ laptops and change all of their icons to porn-related stuff…not that I was ever a victim of this on Parent’s Weekend my Freshman Year of college BRIAN!!! Hmmph.

Fortunately for me, Brian’s moved on to more middle-aged pursuits and has become quite the epicure. Like everyone else in his life, I’m pinning these wonderfully evolved interests of his on the influence of his fabulous girlfriend Mickey.

So if you’re a fan of gourmet cooking, eating out or drinking wine you should check out Brian’s blog – Clinton Hill Foodie. This male Martha Stewart actually makes his own pasta from scratch while celebrities like Queer Eye’s Ted Allen stop by to post comments on his webpage and send him free things in the mail. (Editor’s Note: WTF? I want free things! Giant corporations – I am totally for sale! Send me your swag!) Show him some love and peep his website here.

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