Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cool Travel Accessory: Foldable Bikes

If you’d love to bring your bike on a trip, but can’t figure out how to wheel it onto that Cessna - don’t despair. These new foldable bikes collapse into small carrying cases making them a cinch to pack. And when you’re finally ready to ride, all it takes is a few adjustments before you’re hitting the pavement and coasting through the countryside with the wind in your hair. They’re perfect for cruisers, jet setters or even folks hopping a train for a weekend getaway. Plus, if you live in a city abode with less than ample storage just slide these bikes under the bed. Another plus? These two-wheelers help cut down your dependence on gas, making them both eco and wallet friendly. ($399 Dahon Folding Bike available at L.L. Bean)

1 comment:

ms. coots said...

i can't help myself but to picture someone trying to ride this mishugus without unfolding it first!