Sunday, April 6, 2008

Todd English On The Queen Victoria

Matt and I have now been to the Todd English restaurant onboard the Queen Victoria several times and it just keeps getting better. At only $20 per/person for lunch and $30 per/person for dinner it’s a real value in terms of service and food. Generous baskets of warm rolls and seasoned flatbreads are served upon arrival with assorted tapenades. The d├ęcor is muted and intimate with its chic booths overlooking the ocean and tables covered in simple white table linens – a drastic departure from the main dining room which can be huge, crowded and impersonal. The appetizers and entrees are always competently cooked, not to mention enormous and expertly plated. We particularly love the seafood here and there’s no doubt that the ingredients served in Todd English are held to a more rigorous standard than elsewhere on the ship. They are simply fresher and of higher quality than those served in the Brittania dining room so come here to celebrate a special occasion or to splurge on a romantic meal for two with a bottle of wine. You’ll leave feeling well-looked after, satisfied and content with this sophisticated departure from the rest of the ship’s old-fashioned fare. A little piece of modern Manhattan gastronomy has found its way onto the Queen Victoria and all I can say is Hallelujah for that!

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